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Temecula Valley Writers and Illustrators started as a meeting of three local writers. The second time we met, there were two writers and two illustrators. Now, we proudly have nearly a hundred members and are growing every day. This group represents the creative community of Temecula. We are comprised of writers for every age and in every genre, illustrators that span the same gamut, playwrights, poets, screenwriters, independent publishers, and marketing pros. There are industry veterans who have been working in publishing for years, and new talent, dipping their toes in for the first time.

This group is where all paths meet. We are here to uplift and support one another. We can provide local resources and a bit of know-how for any questions. We are a networking group and a group of friends.

Our meetings usually follow a simple format. The first hour is a "Meet the Member" segment with two speakers on a topic. These sessions introduce us to the amazing creatives in our area. The second hour is a chance to break into small discussions either with illustrators, writers, or publishing pros. Want to talk craft? We've got you. Want to talk social media? We've got you. Want to just eat bagels and visit, we've got you there too.

This year promises to be a big one for Temecula Valley Writers and Illustrators. We are organizing multiple opportunities to sell your art and books at local craft fairs - stay tuned for details! We are also in process on the publication of our first ANTHOLOGY - uniquely pairing writers with illustrators for each exciting piece! And as always, our monthly meetings are filled with information and discussion for all.

We are here for you - Temecula's Creative Community. Welcome to Temecula Valley Writers and Illustrators.

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